Krasse Gueorguiev

beside being ultra-marathoner who survives from -48 to +55 degrees, Krasse is also:


Successful coach, motivational speaker nutritionist and more …

The man who managed to change his life more than 15 years ago through sports and nutrition who accepts his mission – to share his personal miracle with everyone.

A charismatic personality who manages to motivate many people to pursue their dreams and goals and live a healthier and more enjoyable lifе.

Initiator and participant in many charitable causes and challenges

Krasse Gueorguiev

Krasse Gueorguiev successfully completed The Ancient Khmer Path 6 day race through Cambodian jungle, finishing at one of the most iconic Buddhist temples in the world.
The Mighty Angkor Wat

Participated in a 400km race at the heart of the Arctic Circle in Norway, Sweden and Finland. He has completed over 60 marathons and more than 50 ultra-marathons (over 100 km) from Arctic to Cambodia and Sahara Desert.

Participant in the legendary Marathon des Sables (240 km run through the Moroccan desert) and the Brasil 135+ ultramarathon (257 km in the jungle).

One of his first races starting from Ben Nevis and finishing in Inverness 120 km of cross-country trail “Death Marsh” in Scotland.

Krasse Gueorguiev

He is the organiser and participant in competitions in the most exotic corners of the world including the tribe of the Masai in Africa.

His care for his homeland brings him back to Bulgaria were he helps organising fund-raising events for different charitable causes.